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Various events, documents, and publications related (and a few unrelated) to history of space, spacecraft, and rocketry  

The Road to Space: The First Thousand Years (video)

Sputnik 1

Explorer 1

Vanguard 1

Astronautics Symposium, February 1957 (The first Astronautics Symposium - sponsored by AFOSR – in the United States)

Bernard A. Schriever, "ICBM - a Step Toward Space Conquest," speech at the Astronautics Symposium, San Diego, California, February 1957

The New York Times trashes Robert H. Goddard in 1920 and then (sort of) regrets in ... 1969

Tyuratam Missile Test Range (Baikonur Cosmodrome)

Baikonur Cosmodrome. (Tyuratam Missile Test Range)

Missile defense  –  first nonnuclear intercept of a ballistic missile warhead by a missile in 1961 at Saryshagan. Missile defense. Saryshagan test range.

Soviet laser space battle station Polyus

Missile defense publications


Elite Space Club

German and Soviet Rocketeers

Dong Feng - Chinese Ballistic Missiles

Satellite Launch by North Korea in 2012

Access to space

TRW and The Aerospace Corporation

International cooperation in space

Military space

National Anthem and Rocketry

Robert Esnault-Pelterie and Astronautics

United States National Space Policy, 2006

United States National Space Policy, 2010

Fear and common sense

Human vs. robotic spaceflight

Science illiteracy of intellectuals

Cost of Communism and rocketeers

Dupes and fellow-travelers dress up communist fronts - Life magazine, 1949

Appeasement - Munich Agreement. Editorial in the Nature magazine in 1938

Napoleon at Aberdeen Proving Ground

Freedom is not free

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