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Master of Science

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Master of Science in Astronautical Engineering (MS ASTE)

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Viterbi School of Engineering, University of Southern California (USC)

A successful online WebEx session (in September 2010) for prospective Master's students in Astronautical Engineering resulted in numerous request from across the country to repeat the event. Consequently, we recorded (October 12, 2010) the program overview by Program Director Professor Mike Gruntman and made it available on-line. The second link is to a more recent webcast in November 2012.

USC Master of Science in Astronautical Engineering: Overview (53 min; 189 MB)

USC Master of Science in Astronautical Engineering: Overview (webinar, Nov 2012) (55 min)

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about USC MS ASTE in Acta Astronautica, v. 103, 92-105, 2014

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Master of Science in Astronatical Engineering

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MS ASTE history, structure, focus, rationale

MS ASTE Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

MS ASTE statistics

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MS ASTE contacts

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Mike Gruntman is professor of astronautics at the University of Southern California (USC). He served (2004 – 2007) the founding Chairman of the Department of Astronautical Engineering and hie is the chairman for 2016–2019. Mike is an accomplished space scientist, engineer, and educator, with nearly 300 scholarly publications, including four books , in various areas of science and engineering.

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