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Soviet Espionage in Rocketry, Missiles, and Space

Targets: R. Goddard, W. von Braun, T. Von Karman, T. Keith Glennan, and others

Soviet Espionage in Rocketry, Missiles, and Space

Many publications focus on Soviet espionage in the United States, successfully targeting atomic weapons in 1940s and 1950s.

At the same time very little is known (see below) about stealing the secrets related to rocketry and missiles. Blazing the Trail compiles some known instances and possible cases of espionage in rocketry.

From Blazing the Trail, 2004

Blazing the Trail    Blazing the Trail

Blazing the Trail, p. 180

American Missiles and Soviet Espionage

V-1, JB-2, Lockheed P-80 Shooting Star, atomic airplane, Theodore von Karman

William Perl, Julius Rosenberg, Morton Sobell

Blazing the Trail, p. 215

Independent Development or Espionage?

Sergei Korolev, nose cone, propellant tanks


Blazing the Trail, p. 278

Helping Hand of KGB and GRU

French rockets, 1835; Goddard, 1930s; Von Braun, 1935

Thiokol's solid propellants; Oleg Kalugin; Japan and COCOM

Blazing the Trail, p. 379

Omnipresent KGB

Keith Glennan (AEC, NASA)

Boris Morros

Blazing the Trail, p. 425

Woomera, Australia

Security problems in Woomera, Australia

Soviet spy network

Make the World a Better Place — political corner

Espionage in Southern California

From Enemy Amongst Trojans. A Soviet Spy at USC.

Enemy Amongst Trojans.    Enemy amongst Trojans

Soviet espionage in the United States under official cover and Illegals

Soviet Vice-Consulate in Los Angeles and Espionage

Recruitment at USC. Espionage

Soviet Espionage in Southern California

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