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Mike's short courses on space systems

Space: From Firecrackers to Interstellar Flight

Two-part lecture

Part 1. The First Thousand Years

Part 2. Space in 21st Century

The lecture focuses on (Part 1) science and technology developments that led to the space age and (Part 2) the critically important role space plays in the 21st century.

From Firecrackers to Interstellar Flight     Part 1. The First Thousand Years.  (75 min)

The lecture discusses the early history of rocketry and introduces visionaries, scientists, engineers, and political and military leaders who opened the way to space. It concludes with the launch of first artificial satellites in early 1960s. Based on an award-winning book.

From Firecrackers to Interstellar Flight     Part 2. Space in 21st Century.  (77 min)

The lecture considers directions of the development of space technology and space applications in the 21st century. The ultimate frontier of space inspires the new generations of explorers and plays an increasingly important role in the life of the society, with particularly critical impact on national security (miliatry, reconnaissance, missile defense), economic competitiveness, and government policies.

USC Astronauts - Trojans in Space

Professor of Astronautics Mike Gruntman gave this two-part lecture for the special Microseminar Program for the incoming freshmen on 17 and 18 August 2017 at the University of Southern California (USC). Microseminars are an element of USC's First Contact Initiative with the purpose to enhance interactions between USC faculty and undergraduate students.

The Distance Education Network (DEN) of the USC Vietrbi School of Engineerg captured the webcasts of the lectures –  thank you!

Socks for the First Cosmonaut (Yuri Gagarin) of Planet Earth

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