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Marxist stooges in developing world

Influence Operations

Marxist stooges in developing world. Influence operations.

Excerpts from

my 15 years at iki by mike gruntman

My Fifteen Years at IKI, the Space Research Institute:

Position-Sensitive Detectors and Energetic Neutral Atoms Behind the Iron Curtain

Interstellar Trail Press, 2022. ISBN 979-8985668704

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Chapter 4. per Aspera et cum Alcohol ad Astra

Marxist stooges in developing world (pp. 81, 82)

... the dormitories of the Patrice Lumumba University of Friendship of Peoples that housed its foreign students not far from IKI. Many of them hailed from developing countries across the world.

The Patrice Lumumba University played an important role in training and indoctrinating pro-communist cadres in professions and building up a Soviet fifth column in Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America. The highest-ranking Soviet-block intelligence official who ever defected to the West noted that to the best of his knowledge, "all foreign students at [the] Lumumba [University] were cooperating, in one way or another, with the foreign branch of the KGB."[2]

A similar university for the same category of students, Universita 17. listopadu (The Seventeenth November University), or USL, operated in Prague, Czechoslovakia, from 1961-1974. A cognizant security officer noted that "half the students [at USL] had contacts with Czech intelligence at one time or other.'[3] In addition, a school in Leipzig in communist East Germany focused on students from developing countries in another influence operation.

Some of the "progressive" third-world students in the Lumumba University had a lot of money and liked to patronize nearby watering holes to get drunk...


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