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Acta Astronautica, v. 103, 92-105, 2014 (pdf)  and   AIAA-2007-6042, 2007 (pdf)

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astronaut Armstrong

Neil A. Armstrong (1930-2012)

Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering from USC

Gemini 8 (1966)
Apollo 11 (1969)

astronaut Bassett

Charles A. Bassett, II (1931-1966)

graduate work (no degree) at USC

scheduled to fly on Gemini 9 (1966)
died in the crash of a T-38 jet

astronaut Bobko

Karol J. Bobko (b.1937)

Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering from USC in 1970

STS-6 Challenger (1983)
STS-51D Discovery (1985)
STS-51J Atlantis (1985)

astronaut Bolden

Charles F. Bolden (b. 1946)

Master of Science in System Management from USC in 1977

STS-61C Columbia (1986)
STS-31 Discovery (1990)
STS-45 Atlantis (1992)
STS-60 Discovery (1994)

astronaut Carr

Gerald P. Carr (b. 1932)

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from USC (Navy ROTC) in 1954

Skylab-4 (1973-1974)

astronaut Currie

Nancy J. Currie (b. 1958)

Master of Science in Safety Engineering from USC in 1985

STS-57 Endeavour (1993)
STS-70 Discovery (1995)
STS-88 Endeavour (1998)
STS-109 Columbia (2002)

astronaut Duffy

Brian Duffy (b. 1953)

Master of Science in Systems Management from USC in 1981

STS-45 Atlantis (1992)
STS-57 Endeavour (1993)
STS-72 Endeavour (1996)
STS-92 (2000)

astronaut Linenger

J. M. Linenger (b. 1955)

Master of Science in Systems Management from USC in 1988

STS-64 Discovery (1966)
launched STS-81 Atlantis, 4-month stay on-board Mir, return STS-84 Atlantis (1997)

astronaut Lovell

James A. Lovell (b. 1928)

Aviation Safety School (non-degree) at USC in 1961

Gemini 7 (1965)
Gemini 12 (1966)
Apollo 8 (1968)
Apollo 13 (1970)

astronaut Noriega

Carlos I. Noriega (b. 1959)

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from USC (Navy ROTC) in 1981

STS-84 Atlantis (1997)
STS-97 Endeavour (2000)

astronaut Reightler

Kenneth S. Reightler, Jr. (b. 1951)

Master of Science in Systems Management from USC

STS-48 Discovery (1991)
STS-60 Discovery (1994)

astronaut Thuot

Pierre J. Thuot (b. 1955)

Master of Science in Systems Management from USC in 1985

STS-36 Atlantis (1990)
STS-49 Endeavour (1992)
STS-62 Columbia (1994)

geo orbit    Educational video clips – common satellite orbits

Global Positioning System GPS constellation; geostationary GEO orbit; orbit circularization by atmospheric drag; Molniya orbit; regression of nodes; prograde, retrograde, and sun-synchronous orbits; rotation of apsides; Molniya communication relay; effect of solar radiation pressure

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